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God feels everyone's pain, therefore, He doesn't want anyone to suffer. You see, there are two things in the universe: energy; and, information, which is the conformation of energy, differentiations from energy; therefore, energy is itself differentiated from and by its differentiations. Differentiation causes consciousness. God is energy. See 1John1:5 where it says, "God is light". Light is energy, therefore, God is energy. We are only "information". Matter is called alpha code information. If we were energy we would never sleep.
Energy is eternally conscious by its creations, differentiations, which are inevitabilities of God's theophysiology. The infinitesimal point, . , is rastered by time into timespace, U , which exerting its oneness in one direction, / , stirs closed circuitry, O , that all going the same way, vO^XvO^, clashes, X (a Big Bang), that forces confluency, = , whereby individual circuits undifferentiate back into nonexistence.
In the one substance, energy, motion, differentiation, can only be in closed circuitry, that there be something to move out of the way and fill in behind. Our being is a closed circuit, of the one substance in the one substance, called a magnetic flux, maintained in the arising reticular formation of the medula oblongata of our brains by substance P neurons, pain neurons.
Notice we are always doing something, actually to reduce differentiation, to relieve ourselves. What we call pains are actually further spurts of more differentiation. Energy, God, being the "other side" of all these differentiations feels all these pains. As commonly believed, it seems that God "punishes" people who disobey Him, but, He doesn't want to cause anybody pain, for, He feels everybody's pain.
God destroyed large populations in the past to reduce His pain. That which is called "Hell" is in globally bent timespace where there is a much faster polarity cancellation rate, fire, where one may undifferentiate into nonexistence (perish) easiest. It is actually an extreme orgy. Religious (businesses) have profited by either accusing God of incredible cruelty, or saying that the attainment of Nirvana (nonexistence) was very difficult. The obvious truth must be spread to common public knowledge.


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